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Carefree Home


Assignment:  Stage beautiful high desert home for an expedited sale.  

Detail:  This hilltop home was 25 miles north of town and the market was not in the seller's favor for an expedited sale. We worked with the realtor, and surmised that we needed to attract the attention of an eclectic, artistic buyer who appreciated the unusual architecture, along with its vast desert, mountain and city vistas. We utilized the seller's personal art throughout the home to add to the whimsical distinctness.

Result:  Home was sold - to an artistic couple - within 6 weeks of listing! They asked to buy it as staged!

Downtown Scottsdale Condo


Assignment:  Help seller stage home for sale with existing furniture.

Detail:  This condo was owned by a senior widow, and she was overwhelmed by the process of selling. We helped her donate and consign what she no longer needed or wanted. Concurrently, we space planned her new home, so we could show her how her selected belongings would look. We staged the condo for sale with her existing furniture.  


Result:  The owner sold her condo, and is thrilled to be in her beautiful new home in a minimalistic environment!

Cave Creek Home


Assignment:  Help buyers move into a smaller home; redecorate it for them.

Detail:  The buyers bought a home that was remodeled by an investor. It was important to them to transform this new home with their own furnishings and personality, but they just didn't know where to start. We helped them redecorate their new house, utilizing every piece of furniture, decor, and art that they had in their previous home.  


Result:  The buyers were amazed that their belongings fit so well in every room. They are enjoying this new home to the fullest!