Our Services, Fees & Team

  • We organize and decorate new or existing homes and offices.
  • We specialize in:
    • Organizing Rooms, Closets and Garages​
    • Decorating and Redecorating
    • Hanging Pictures
  • There is no job too small for us. We have done anything from a closet reorganization - to an office building remodel!
  • Owners work at every client job.
Fees & Team
  • Our service fees are hourly. 
  • We offer a 90-minute complimentary consultation. 
  • We do not charge trip fees or travel expenses to and from our client's locations. 
  • We help our clients with licensed and insured contractors, should they need assistance.
  • One of the preferred partners we recommend is a certified Appraiser and Estate Sale Guide:
Jim Friend, GPPA/CES, Fine ​Estates & Antiques, Inc.
Please let Jim know we referred you!